the treatment of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the destruction of the joint in force for a number of reasons. The doctors say: degenerative-degenerative change of the joints. With arthritis can affect all the joint tissue, including cartilage. In cases of osteoarthritis of the hip visibly deformed and becomes visible to the naked eye. With osteoarthritis of the joints in the severe form, the patient can lose integrity and become disabled.


The most obvious symptom of osteoarthritis is pain at the slightest movement, and sometimes even at rest. However, this is an extreme degree of development of osteoarthritis. At first, the disease manifests itself more delicate. And ' important not to miss these disturbing bells: joint stiffness, rigidity, difficulties in the work of the joint across the width. For example, I can not bend and straighten the knee until the end.

Also the development of osteoarthritis refer to the muscle clamps, the crunch when driving and swelling in the area of the affected joint. For example, if the shoulder is osteoarthritis you can see the edema from the patient's shoulder. Symptom of osteoarthritis in the later stages is difficult to hide. The joint is deformed, it loses the integrity and the anatomical changes already evident!


Cause arthritis of the joints can a lot of factors:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pathology of the immune system, endocrine and lymphatic systems. These diseases lead to metabolic disorders. Devastating phenomena begin, if the municipality does not receive the nutrients to the construction of their fabrics.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system also lead to the appearance of osteoarthritis. Kidney, weak purify the blood. Appears to be chronic inflammation. In patients with the kidneys are sick, diagnosed, primarily, osteoarthritis of the hip and knee.
  • High physical activity. For example, in athletes, an all-rounder. In these cases often appears to shoulder osteoarthritis.

In compliance with the provocation of the factor for osteoarthritis is:

  • idiopathic or primary. This diagnosis put, when it is assumed that to understand the cause that has caused the illness, it is difficult.
  • secondary. In this case, as a well-determined reason of osteoarthritis, it is possible to set the underlying disease. The physician should guide the efforts not only to relieve the symptoms, but for regular the metabolic process, to spend rehabilitation after injury to the joint, descriptions of activities to keep the endocrine system and the immune system.
  • if the disease has struck once more the joints is poly arthritis. Also called disease, where the deformation of the joint reaches a high degree. Are usually amazed n joints: the knee (gonarthrosis) or hip (were).

Back pain, perhaps the biggest cause of osteoarthritis. When you move the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs evil cushioning, to compensate for the load of the joints. The increase of the pressure on the joints does not pass without leaving a trace. The first to fail the hip joints. Osteoarthritis in this case, there is a sense of treat, starting with the spinal column.

Osteoarthritis of the joints and are diagnosed more frequently in patients of age, when, due to the emergence of various diseases has placed the accumulation of negative factors. In particular, in women during menopause is added to a hormonal imbalance. Moreover, the body is experiencing a deficiency of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. In this context, and occur in different joint disorders. Time of the body does not reconcile well with the overvoltage and accumulated injuries. Hence, it appears osteoarthritis.

A significant role in the onset of osteoarthritis place excess weight. The excess body weight creates excessive load on the spine and joints, that tires the first time.

In the clinical in the treatment of osteoarthritis due to excess weight, is prescribed the bio thread for the weight loss. They are held under the supervision of a medical doctor and contribute to a part with too many pounds, without diets and workouts. For the age of the patients with the joints and the patients with endocrine disorders is, perhaps, the only chance to get rid of excess fat without resorting to cosmetic surgery.



In the first phase of osteoarthritis pain appears only after substantial physical evidence, not specific to a normal life. Externally, the joints appear as healthy. In the second degree osteoarthritis of the joints characterized by already the most intense attacks of joint pain, cramps in the limbs, restricting movement.

With arthrosis of the joints 2 degrees x-rays and wear and tear of the cartilage tissue on the surface of osteophytes – bone growth in the affected area. As soon as the occurrence of 2 degree of osteoarthritis of the patient for the first time reflects on the necessity of a visit to the doctor. Fortunately, at this stage, arthritis can be effectively treated!

During the third degree of osteoarthritis pain becomes chronic: not to kiss in motion and at rest. The third degree of osteoarthritis requires further research, the deformation of the joint which is visible to the naked eye. In this form of arthritis, there is the risk of total loss of mobility of the joint. It is usually prescribed the implant, instead of the ruin of the joint.


Introduction to the treatment of osteoarthritis, it is important to make sure that the true source of pain in the joints and the correctness of the diagnosis.

For example, arthritis and osteoarthritis are very similar clinical picture. Arthritis, as and when osteoarthritis concerned about the limits of the movements, and the painful sensations. But each disease requires a different approach!

Arthritis, unlike osteoarthritis) has the inflammatory in nature. Different heating is effective in the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis – is strictly contraindicated!

Osteoarthritis and arthritis require the constant attention of a doctor! If you think that it is enough to know his diagnosis – you are wrong. You cannot rely on the advice of a pharmacist and even more so in advertising. The dosage of the medication should check with your doctor.

Remember! Taking drugs without having to adhere to the dosages and duration, without monitoring of the dynamics and control for the general state of the body can affect the kidneys and exacerbate the course of osteoarthritis.

Not necessarily years to drink the medication, or once every six months to put the block, painkillers. Osteoarthritis in severe form of treatment for the author the schema without implants and operations.

Not a poet! Pharmacy medicines by arthritis will not bring due effect. With the passage of time the need to increase the dosage. It is necessary to adjust the ailments of the body.

The treatment of osteoarthritis should be given to the stimulation of regenerative processes, for the growth of new, healthy cells in the deleted cartilage, filling the synovial fluid in the joints. The only way you can return the joint in a form of work. And the pain in a natural way.


Stop the destructive process in the joints, it is certainly easier in the early stages of the development of osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is important to run to the doctor at the first sign of! If the degenerative process is deeply impressed with the articulation, you'll need more than a complete treatment of osteoarthritis. Otherwise, the osteoarthritis will remind you constantly.