What is knee arthritis

Healthy sore joints

Dear readers. As you know, joint inflammation is inflammation of the joints that requires the joints to gradually deform and destroy. The disease is accompanied by considerable pain, even in the static position of the joints. Ignoring the problem may lead to the fact that the function of the joint will be completely lost. Today we will talk about arthritis of the knee joint, which is already very common. Our knees bear a certain load every day, and this is usually normal for them. However, if the load intensity increases, or the person is overweight, the situation becomes more complicated. Which tools will help solve such problems? We will discuss it later, but now you should be familiar with the characteristics of the disease and its symptoms.

What is knee joint disease

The characteristics of this disease are several terms that can reflect its essence. There is a definition of "arthritis", which means that there are pathological changes in the knee joint.

However, with the occurrence of "deformable arthritis", the cartilage of the knee joint is affected, and certain deformations of ligaments and muscles occur before it.

In other words, the disease is characterized by thinning of cartilage and decreased strength. Its usual function is weakened and the shock absorption performance is lost, as a result the joint begins to collapse.

Joint deformation process

The deformation process takes more than a day, so don’t assume that this disease will appear in a few days or weeks. At the first signs of arthritis, you should consult a doctor, because only he can prescribe the correct treatment.

Anyway, the whole process of joint deformation has 3 degrees. Please note that successful treatment is only possible at the early stage when the joint has just begun to collapse.

Knee joint 1st degree arthropathy

This stage is the easiest because it is the initial stage of disease development. Please note that this disease will not appear overnight, but will develop safely within a few years.

Usually, no one pays attention to the initial symptoms because they are not bright enough, so people attribute everything to ordinary fatigue.

Over the years, the knee cartilage has lost its elasticity, which is why it is structurally damaged under heavy loads.

Knee joint 2nd degree arthropathy

The first stage of the disease is ignored by everyone, because we only focus on the acute symptoms, and this is actually our problem. But already in the second stage, the symptoms become brighter, so it is no longer possible to ignore them.

The second degree is accompanied by the severe destruction of cartilage and the appearance of small bones, which greatly restricts the mobility of the joints.

This is the cause of pain, and it will only worsen if the disease is further ignored.

X-rays showed that the joint gap was significantly reduced, and the bones themselves became tight. In addition, the first severe deformation of the joint itself can be traced back.

At this stage, it is difficult for people to ignore the symptoms of joint disease. Every morning, the joints will be stiff, and there will be a very vivid pain.

Please note that this pain should not be confused with anything else, because painkillers rarely help.

Knee joint 3rd degree arthropathy

By the third stage, the disease will only worsen, which means it will be difficult to ignore the symptoms.

Not only is the inflamed area red and swollen, but the joints are also significantly deformed, so the joints are usually unable to move.

It is not recommended to enter the third stage, because changes in the joint structure at this stage will cause disability.

Only the first two stages can be successfully treated, not only to stop the process of deformation and destruction, but also to get rid of the disease completely.

Please note that you can only protect yourself from joint disease in the first two stages. In other words, you can live a fulfilling life, exercise and enjoy all the joys of life through the treatment.

Of course, the final stage is the most advanced and may cause some difficulties in treatment, but the situation is still not hopeless. Even in the third stage, arthritis of the knee joint can be cured.

The course of the disease is accompanied by quite severe pain, even at rest. In addition, there are la lines.

Not only due to increased pain, but also due to developing deformities, the legs usually stop bending.

Causes of knee arthritis

There is no single cause that can cause such a serious disease.

There are usually several joints, and they all affect the condition of the joints to some extent. Often, for example, the cartilage is affected due to a sufficiently strong load or injury.

In other words, the factors leading to the development of this disease are a whole set. Our bones can resist many factors, but the premise is that they must be manifested separately.

Well, if there are a few of them, and all of them regularly affect the knee joint, then the initial symptoms will not appear soon.

The causes of arthritis are as follows:

  • Metabolism disorders.
  • Chronic inflammation.
  • For example, when doing a professional sport (usually running), the knees bear a heavy load.
  • Perform knee surgery to remove the meniscus.
  • Previous knee injury.

Knee Joint Arthritis-Symptoms

When it comes to symptoms, it should be pointed out immediately, the most obvious is pain. After all, we only pay attention to it when its intensity increases significantly.

Therefore, from the beginning, the pain only appeared when walking, and it was insignificant. Long-term neglect of this disease, sitting for a long time can cause pain.

When there is any movement of the legs, you will hear a creaking sound, which only indicates that some changes have taken place in the joints.

It is becoming more and more difficult for patients to bend their lower legs because the process will be very painful.

Let’s look at a list of the main symptoms that accompany knee arthritis:

  • There is inflammation that causes cartilage swelling.
  • The range of motion of the normal knee joint is reduced.
  • Strong pain in the joint area.

Knee arthritis-treatment

Treatment of knee atrophy

Don’t think that getting rid of the disease can only be done in one way. The treatment must be comprehensive, which means it must include several types of treatment. Obviously, you can achieve the desired result in this way.

Self-administration is completely forbidden because it will only harm your health. Therefore, in this case, you must appeal to the doctor.

Only through complex treatment can the desired result be obtained. At the same time, this process is quite lengthy, so you have to wait patiently.

Treatment methods include medication, dieting, joint massage, remedial gymnastics and alternative medicine.

Surgery is only performed in the most advanced cases. Until then, you can have other types of treatments that, if performed correctly, will bring the desired results.

  1. Reduce the load.In this case, we will get the help of special orthopedic knee pads or ordinary wooden sticks, which can be used as the body's center of gravity.
  2. Using drugs.These ointments must be applied directly to the painful area or taken orally.
  3. Surgical treatmentIncluding endoprosthesis (placement of internal prosthesis), osteotomy (elimination of bone deformation) or arthroscopy (by performingSmall incision to check the joint).

Cartilage protector for knee pads

The best way to get rid of disease is to repair cartilage. This is done with the help of special drugs, whose role is to eliminate joint edema and reduce its inflammatory process.

These drugs are called "chondrprotectants" and contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

If glucosamine contributes to the complete synthesis of cartilage, then chondroitin can improve calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body. Restoring this process allows the joint to gain elasticity, which in fact terminates its destruction process.

These products come in the form of ointments, tablets, powders and injections. The allowed treatment time is at least six months, and the initial positive result is expected in three months.

Knee joint arthritis-folk remedies

If the disease is in its infancy, folk remedies may cure the disease. Remember, if you ignore this disease, traditional medicine will be powerless.

Which traditional medicine can help you? One of the most effective methods is "ferrite magnet". It may sound strange, but he will help him cope with this serious disease.

Finding it is not as difficult as it seems, because this kind of magnet is found in every radio receiver. It is necessary to massage the painful area for 20 minutes a day.

This therapy can relieve even the most severe pain. But there are other equally effective methods that can help get rid of the disease without the use of drugs.

Folk method treatment
  1. Apple cider vinegar.It is necessary to dilute two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water and then divide the total into three doses.
  2. Sunflower oil.You will need two tablespoons of oil, which should be heated on a fire and rubbed into the sore joints.
  3. Niu d.Prepare about 7 plant leaves by laying their velvet side down on a flat surface. Put them in a pot and cover with boiling water. The damaged knee is pre-lubricated with oil and then painted with cow leaves. The knee is fixed with plastic wrap and a scarf made of dense fabric.

Treatment of joint disease at home

As mentioned earlier, in the first two stages, treatment can be done at home, but even in this case, no one cancels the consultation with the doctor.

First, you need a diet, and you must strengthen your diet by doing gymnastics. Your doctor will usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain.

Knee joint massage at home

You can do a simple massage yourself, which will help relieve the pain. But first, it is recommended to talk to a professional massage therapist.

The massage time is about half an hour:

  • Sit on the bed and try to straighten the sick leg.
  • Slowly stroke his knees in different directions.
  • Rub the side of the joint with the palm of your hand.
  • Press the joints with your fingers.

Knee arthritis diet

In order to restore joint function, you need to try a balanced diet and give up fast food and other animal fat foods.

The diet should be:

  • Dairy products (cheese, cheese).
  • Vegetable soup.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Seafood.
  • Any grain other than semolina and rice.

Knee joint arthritis is a very difficult disease that is difficult to eliminate. The important condition for treatment is complex treatment, which includes several treatment methods. You can seek help, including medications and traditional medicine.