Effective ways to treat osteochondrosis at home

How to treat osteochondrosis at home

Don’t know how to treat osteochondrosis at home? Be sure to read this article. It contains many useful suggestions for treatment measures-from taking pills to using traditional methods.

When treating osteochondrosis at home, not only traditional medicine is used, but also medicine, exercise therapy, self-massage, and diet therapy are used. The scope of such incidents is large, so everyone can choose a program for themselves.

Can osteochondrosis be cured at home?

When suffering from osteochondrosis, degenerative dystrophy changes occur, which leads to atrophy of the muscle system and impaired nerve impulse conduction. The inflammatory process produces unbearable pain, which is difficult to stop in the late stages of the disease. It should be noted that osteochondrosis develops in the neck, thorax and waist s, but inflammation can be located in 2 or even 3 parts of the spine at the same time.

Each pathological form has specific symptoms. For example, in the case of cervical chondropathy, headaches, dizziness, noise in the ears and numbness of the upper limbs occur. Lumbar osteochondrosis has a negative impact on the legs, hips, and pelvis. But pain syndrome combines various forms of disease.

In advanced cases, treatment should be mainly performed under stable conditions, but in the first and second stages of development, you can limit yourself to treatment at home. For this, you need to visit a specialist to check and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

Only if the patient strictly abides by the attending physician’s prescription, can there be positive changes in treatment at home.


It is necessary to act on the vertebrae in a complicated way. Therefore, doctors prescribe drugs by oral, external and injection methods. For each patient, a separate plan is selected based on the examination results and biological characteristics, and the disease process.


Oral products come in the form of capsules, tablets and pills. They have complex internal effects on the body. According to the indications, the following types of drugs are prescribed:

Medication for osteochondrosis
  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve pain by reducing inflammation.
  2. is ​​used to expand blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation preparation (so that the tissues and cells of the spine are filled with oxygen and nutrients).
  3. A group of muscle relaxants is necessary to eliminate muscle reflex spasms (relax muscles) and relieve pain.
  4. Analgesics and painkillers.
  5. Cartilage protective agent is designed to improve the nutrition and protection of cartilage tissue in the intervertebral disc. These drugs are based on glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.
  6. If necessary, prescribe tranquilizers, antidepressants and tranquilizers.
  7. If the swelling is severe, use any diuretic tablet.
  8. Glucocorticoid Steroid hormones (hormones) can reduce the inflammation process of paravertebral tissues, nerves and spine. If non-steroids are not helpful or the drug is contraindicated.
  9. Vitamin complex is used to strengthen the immune system.

The course of treatment with these drugs lasts at least 2 weeks.

External facilities

The external device acts locally on the structural elements of the spine. These are ointments, gels, balsam-narcotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, homeopathy and chondroprotective drugs with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Apply the inflamed area to the inflamed area every day, rubbing 2-4 times. The duration of the treatment course is the same as in the previous situation.


Injection can be used in advanced cases or when external and oral medications are ineffective. Injections can effectively aggravate osteochondrosis and severe sudden cramps. Injections are usually done intramuscularly, but sometimes intravenous, intraarticular or drip.


  1. Non-steroids.
  2. Anesthetics.
  3. Muscle relaxants.
  4. Cartilage protective injection.
  5. In order to quickly eliminate the spasm, a paravertebral block was placed.


Moderate exercise is required to develop the spine. They can accelerate blood circulation, eliminate congestion, improve mobility, neutralize salt, relax muscles and expand intervertebral fissures.

Each department has a special complex.

In addition to physical exercise, osteochondrosis patients should also follow the following recommendations:

  1. Do standard exercises every morning.
  2. Gymnastics should start with warm-up exercises.
  3. Do not twist in acute pain.
  4. Sharp turns are prohibited.
  5. Fast running and intensive jumping are prohibited.
  6. Swimming and walking in the fresh air are very useful.
  7. Movement is slow and smooth.
  8. Pay special attention to breathing techniques.

A simple exercise combination recommended to everyone:

  1. Starting position-sitting in a chair with a straight back. Hold the back of the head firmly with both hands, and then lean forward slightly. Slowly press the neck with your hands until the head hangs down (the chin should touch the chest). Lock this position for 10-20 seconds to tighten your muscles. Return to the starting position smoothly.
  2. The body position is the same. Place your left hand on your cheek with the palm of your hand, and slowly press in the opposite direction. In this case, the ear should be as close to the shoulder as possible. Return to the starting position and do the same exercise with the right arm. The number of entries is 20 times.
  3. Sit in a chair and place your hands on the seats at your sides. Now tilt your head back and spread the shoulders and shoulder bones to the sides. Repeat the exercise up to 20 times.
  4. Sit on the floor with straight legs. Bend forward when you inhale, don't bend your knee joint. When you hold your toe with your hand, lock it for 10 seconds, then exhale, and then return to the starting position.
  5. Lie on your back. Bend your knees and stretch your arms along the body. Slowly lift the pelvis to simulate a bridge. Stay at the highest point for 10 seconds. It can also return to the starting position smoothly.

If you do this exercise every day, you will quickly gain positive momentum in the treatment of osteochondrosis.

Nutrition of osteochondrosis

Nutritional correction to treat osteochondrosis

Diet therapy is related to all diseases, but for osteochondrosis (usually accompanied by salt deposition), it is very necessary. You will have to divide your daily diet into 5 to 6 meals, steam vegetables, boil or bake with a minimum amount of vegetable oil. The usual calorie intake should be reduced.

The most prohibited food:

  • Semi-finished products and fast food;
  • salt;
  • Canned food;
  • Sweet and rich;
  • Carbonated and alcoholic beverages;
  • Spices;
  • Smoked sausage.

Especially useful products:

  • Fermented milk products;
  • boiled eggs;
  • some butter;
  • red meat;
  • Seafood and fish;
  • Hard cheese;
  • beef liver;
  • Cabbage, potatoes, carrots;
  • Apricot, peach, orange.

The dietitian prescribes a specific diet based on the patient's weight and laboratory test results.

Self massage

Massage osteochondrosis has the following therapeutic effects:

  • Strengthen muscles;
  • Relieve spasms;
  • Enhance local blood microcirculation;
  • A sigh of relief.

It is recommended to perform massage under the supervision of a qualified masseur, but it can also be performed at home. For this, you need to master some rules:

  1. First, lightly stroke and massage, then apply a little more force.
  2. Next, knead and grasp the skin folds that need to be displaced from the bottom up.
  3. Wipe your back.
  4. Keep pressing. While doing circular movements, you should use your finger pad to complete this operation.
  5. At the end of the massage, gently tap the affected area with your fingers and palm, and then produce a slight vibration.

If someone in the family cannot massage you, please buy an electric massager. It is convenient to use them independently. In today's sales, you can find many different models with vibration, thermal and magnetic effects. The attending physician participates in the selection of the model.

Folk remedies

Traditional medical recipes for osteochondrosis can be used as an aid to relieve pain and inflammation, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and regenerate damaged cells and tissues. Many ingredients are designed to strengthen the immune system, leading to rapid recovery.

Before using any topical products, make sure to perform a sensitivity test-apply a small amount of the mixture to the weak parts of the skin and monitor the reaction. If there is no redness or inflammation, the recipe can be used safely.

Compression and applications

Application and compression mainly have a warming effect, so it can restore the movement of the intervertebral disc. The fact is that such a procedure will cause reflexes to the active biological area and normalize the energy imbalance. Funds must be used for inflamed areas. The course of treatment is usually 2-3 weeks a day, 2-4 times each time.

Popular tools:

Folk remedies for treating osteochondrosis
  1. Buy or harvest the five-petal leaf root, chop and dry. Divide 2 tablespoons. l. Pour "cold" boiling water (2 cups), then lower the heat. Keep it for 5 minutes, then let it brew. After tightening, dip a piece of gauze into the solution, connect it to the spine, and wrap it with polyethylene and warm cloth. Keep it for 1-3 hours. The number of procedures per day is at least 3 times.
  2. Take a piece of aloe vera leaf and rinse it under running water. Cut off the tricky parts and carefully separate the pulp, which needs to be clumped evenly. You should have 50 ml of thick juice. Now take 1 gram of propolis and put it in a water bath to melt. Mix the ingredients and mix well. Add 2 cups of premium vodka and 50 grams of dried mustard. Stir again. Spread cheesecloth on the table, spread the mixture on it, and then immediately apply it to the skin. The compressed material can only be removed after the fabric is completely dry. This procedure should be performed once every night.
  3. Take a fresh apple and horseradish. Peel the vegetables and grind them on the finest grid. You will get mushy clumps from which the juice needs to be removed. Spread the remaining mixture evenly on the sore spine. Spread cheesecloth dipped in juice. Wrap with plastic wrap and wool scarf.
  4. Another potato decal. Take a piece of tuber, rinse and peel it. Grate on the finest grater, then add honey (not liquid). Make a flat cake and apply it to the inflamed area. Keep it for half an hour.
  5. Boiled potato bread. Boil the tubers and mash them. Add 1 teaspoon. Liquid honey, equal amounts of butter and flour. The dough is further shaped into a flat cake. Use in the same way as the previous recipe, but keep it until the lumps have cooled. Make sure to wrap your back with plastic wrap and wool cloth.
  6. Mix aloe vera juice, honey and vodka in a ratio of 1: 2: 2. Mix thoroughly and place in the dark for 7-10 days. After the infusion, immerse the tissue in the liquid and apply it to the inflamed spine for 30 minutes. Perform this procedure twice a day.

Infusions and decoctions

Decoction and infusion are intended for oral administration. They work by penetrating the tissues and cells of the body. Some of them can be additionally used for compression.


  1. Combine the broken gall and the root of the upright gall in a ratio of 2: 1 (200 g/100 g). Put it in a glass container and add one liter of vodka. Leave it in a dark place for 20 days, then pour the strain agent into the bottle. Three tablespoons and 1 tablespoon the day before meals. l. The longest treatment time is one month.
  2. During the sunflower growing season, collect its roots and dry them under natural conditions (in the air). You should get 1 kg of dry ingredients, enough for a course of treatment. Put 3 liters of water on the stove. After boiling, add 250 grams of roots, boil for 5 minutes, and cool under the lid. Take 100-150 ml of decoction at a time. Divide the income amount by three days. Drink before meals.
  3. Boil 0. 5 liters of water, add 5 middle bay leaves, boil gently, and pour it into a thermos. Let it stand for 10-12 hours, then remove the leaves, 3 times a day for 3 days. Then rest for 7 days and drink tincture again.
  4. Take 3-4 branches of a pear tree, chop them and put them in a thermos. Pour half a liter of boiling water and brew. The result part is designed for 5 days. You can boil the branches a little beforehand to get a stronger tin.
  5. Use spruce cones. It is necessary to collect cones mainly in autumn. You will need 30 units for treatment. Pour a glass of boiling water on a pine cone every evening. Let it brew until morning. Drink half of the half dose immediately after waking up, and drink the rest of the tincture before going to bed.
  6. Buy 1 cup of dill seeds, fill it with vodka (1 bottle), and leave it in the dark for 10 days. Take 1 tablespoon daily. l.
  7. Dried nettle root or buy it from a pharmacy. Chop and separate 2 tablespoons. l. Pour 0. 5 liters of hot water and boil for 5-8 minutes. After cooling, filter and add 1 tablespoon. l. Nettle juice. Divide the obtained portion into several portions and consume each day.
  8. You will need 3 kg of walnuts in shell. Peel and grind. Fill a bottle of vodka, leave it for 14-15 days, filter several layers of gauze. Take 1 teaspoon per day. One month of medication. Note that the nut does not have to be last year.
  9. Many housewives will collect gooseberry leaves for tea in advance, but few people know that they do a good job of degenerative dystrophy of osteochondrosis. At night, soak 4-6 beer in a thermos and drink half a liter of boiling water. In the morning, tighten and divide the. Repeat for 1-2 months.


When rubbing on the diseased part, three types of effects are performed at the same time-nutrient absorption, heating and massage. Thanks to friction, you can quickly stop the spasms, reduce the inflammatory process and speed up the blood supply to the spine.

Rub the skin three times a day. The prerequisite is to wrap the wiped area with a wool cloth immediately after the operation (this can make the effect longer). Before using the components, dry them before heating them (you can take a hot bath). Dip your hands in the mixture and start rubbing slowly on the affected area. As the process progresses, increase the pressure and pressure. The grind is stored in the refrigerator.


  1. Use medical turpentine, badge fat, nut oil or kerosene to scrub your back.
  2. Grind plantain and sage finely. Separate 4 tablespoons from the collection. l. Add them to 40 grams of petroleum jelly (without seasoning). Pour 50 ml of olive oil here.
  3. Chop 12 bay leaves and add 1 tablespoon. l. Juniper needles and 12 tablespoons. l. butter.
  4. Buy elderberry, put it in a jar, and fill it with 70-75%. Fill the remaining space with alcohol. Stick to it for a week. Used as cement slurry.


The bath is mainly used for relieving diseases or during rehabilitation. These procedures help to dilate blood vessels, relax the muscular system and restore spinal joints. For this, bathing with clean water is sufficient.

Rehabilitation bath for treating osteochondrosis

However, the effect can be improved many times by adding various decoctions to the water. The ratio of herbal ingredients to water is 250 grams per 5 liters. Mix the ingredients, boil and cook for 15-25 minutes. Then they persisted for 10 minutes, filtered and added to the bathtub. It takes up to 20 minutes. After the operation, be sure to wear clothes and wrap the painful area with a wool scarf for one and a half hours.


  1. Use birch leaves. But they need to cook a little longer than herbs-about 30-40 minutes.
  2. Rinse the chestnuts and crush them as finely as possible. brewing.
  3. Use chamomile, plantain, five-leaf clover, pear and blackcurrant leaves, and European grass.
  4. Brewing pine needles. You can use pine, spruce, and thuja.
  5. An unusual recipe for Jerusalem artichoke. Use leaf and stem parts. Pour them into the container. Pour boiling water on top and let it boil for half an hour. You do not need to boil the leaves and stems. The bath should not exceed 15 minutes.


Ointment works in the same way as friction. These ingredients penetrate deeply into the organization and play a positive role. The ointment is applied on the rubbed area and kept in a cool place.


  1. Take an equal amount of liquid from eggs and vinegar. Add 100 grams of butter and mix well until smooth. Apply at night.
  2. Mix medical turpentine oil, nut oil fat and aloe vera in equal proportions. Achieve a uniform mass and add a small amount of iodine (-7-8 drops for a 250 g mixture). Stay in the shade for at least 5 days. After rubbing, be sure to wrap your body with plastic wrap for half an hour (due to increased fat).
  3. Squeeze juice from lemon and add iodine (ratio 2: 1).

Other treatment methods and suggestions

Other operations:

  1. First of all, because bad habits can cause pinching pain and cramps, please stop smoking and drinking alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages.
  2. You need to sleep on an orthopedic mattress and the same pillow.
  3. To strengthen the immune system, please take the following measures: Take a cup of walnuts, honey and chopped celery root. Move to a dark but warm place and infuse for 10 days. Take 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach. l. As the immunity is very weak, it can be remedied up to 3 times a day.
  4. Another powerful immune aid. Grate 10 lemons passionately and put them in a meat grinder. Add 10 small heads of garlic and pour one liter of honey. After a week, take the same method as the previous remedy. In addition, 200 grams of coriander can be added to the mixture.
  5. In order to restore the joints of the spine, it is necessary to consume the seeds of various plants. For convenience, connect them together and grind them with a coffee grinder or mortar. Proceed as planned: 2 weeks of reception, one week of rest, and so on. Dosage-1 teaspoon. Eat it three times a day. Drink with herbal soup. What seeds are needed-poppy seeds, coriander seeds. Make sure to add flaxseed, celery and parsley.
  6. Visit the physical therapy room. For osteochondrosis, the following procedures are shown: magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, barney therapy, ultraviolet and ultrasound irradiation, vibration massage. Physical therapy can accelerate metabolism, blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain and reduce inflammation.
  7. You can turn to a chiropractor who will use his hands and a certain technique to work on the spine. The result is to eliminate pain, restore the correct configuration, and improve mobility. You only need to contact a qualified manual technician, because the spinal components may be damaged during this process, causing infringement. Manual treatment is not possible in the following situations:
    • Acute infection of organisms;
    • pregnancy;
    • The recovery period after any type of surgery;
    • The presence of benign and malignant tumors;
    • Isolate intervertebral disc hernia and myelopathy;
    • Hypertension (hypertension);
    • The inflammatory process in the acute phase.
  8. Use the applicator. These devices are specifically designed for the musculoskeletal system and can therefore be used to treat osteochondrosis.
  9. Wear braces, Shants collars and similar devices on a regular basis to straighten your back and work properly without pain and pressure.

Osteochondrosis can be treated in different ways at home, but only in one case can the maximum effect be obtained-treatment must include several different methods, and patients must strictly follow all the recommendations of the attending expert and choose privateThe treatment must be carried out with the doctor.