Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. Manual therapy

Cervical osteochondrosis is a common pathology that occurs in the second office worker. In the process of sitting on the computer or table for activities, a person will not change his posture, this happens throughout the day.

The introduction of a sedentary lifestyle can lead to dystrophic changes in the cervical disc. This process occurs with the pulsation of nearby arteries and unpleasant dangerous symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, disturbances in movement and conversation.

Can manual therapy help treat cervical osteochondrosis? The following materials will help answer this question.

What is the basis of treatment?

How to treat cervical osteochondrosis

Manual therapy is the field of medicine, including the use of various techniques to affect the doctor’s body.

The basis of treatment is the connection between the entire body and the spine.

The pathological impulse from the affected system transmits signals to the spinal cord, which is responsible for its function. In view of this, the elements of nerve cells send signals, causing the muscles around the diseased tissue to be compressed. In the area of ​​spasm, blood circulation is disturbed, leading to the activation and formation of pathology.

Experts in the field of manual therapy prevent the further development of pathology by affecting the spinal system and areas of increased muscle tone.


There are some similarities between external procedures and massage, but they are absolutely different in the way they affect. With the help of massage, the doctor relaxes the surface tissues and stimulates the receptors in the skin.

The essence of the method

The essence of

methods lies in the list of all methods used by the application experts. In view of the influence algorithm specially selected for each client and his own experience, with his help, the therapist has the opportunity to effectively treat any part of the spine. In addition, in order to eliminate violations in the muscle and ligament system, these violations are formed in the presence of many neuropathological and internal organ diseases.

Generally, for cervical osteochondrosis, manual treatment is included in the mandatory treatment list. At the same time, it should only be used in combination with the main therapy of SHOX.

Indications and contraindications

Usually, the indication is there:

Methods of treating cervical osteochondrosis
  • The incubation period of pathology.
  • Pain caused by disc displacement.
  • Herniated disc and hernia formation.
  • Lower the level of vertebral fixation.

The opinion that unqualified manual therapy may lead to many serious consequences, you need to choose an expert carefully. For osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, surgery should be performed with caution because many blood vessels pass through this area near the spine, which provide blood to the brain and nerve trunk areas.

It should also be noted that there are many contraindications, namely:

  • Malignant tumors and masses in any area.
  • The post-traumatic transformation of the bone bone, which is next to the impact site.
  • Acute chronic disease or infection process.
  • Vascular disease, accompanied by the development of intracranial hypertension.
  • CNS lesions.

How can I help?

Experts in this field use hand movements and certain pressure on the affected area to eliminate the pathology of the spinal system. In addition, manual treatment must be performed during recovery from internal organ diseases and injuries.

At what stage can it be applied?

This technology is used for the initial manifestations of pathology and has the ability to slow down bone destruction and the further development of diseases.

If you turn to treatment during the onset of symptoms, you can completely eliminate the disease. The session strengthens the muscular framework and eliminates pinched nerve roots.

When using this technique during intervertebral hernia formation, it is highly possible to eliminate it without intervention by a neurosurgeon.

How to choose a doctor?

Based on the system's ever-increasing quotes, it is difficult for people who have nothing to do with medicine to make decisions.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a chiropractor:

Which doctor will treat osteochondrosis
  • This procedure can be performed by an expert with trauma or neurological qualifications. Doctors without this expertise cannot receive specialized "manual therapy" training.
  • Under no circumstances should you accept quotations from masseurs, nursing staff, and especially people who are far away from medicines.
  • When visiting the office of the medical center, you need to look for a license that provides the right to perform this activity. Without them, the work of the center is carried out illegally, and therefore, the qualifications of doctors are highly doubted.
  • Chiropractors have been certified as experts.
  • It is necessary to attend a meeting of experienced experts, because practice in this area is crucial.

Where is it held?

Can hold meetings:

  • In specialized medical institutions;
  • When calling a specialist at the clinic, at the patient’s home
  • ;
  • In the patient's home, he is not working in a polyclinic, but a therapist working in a private clinic.

What does the therapist do?

Before continuing to use the treatment technique, the doctor conducted a comprehensive research and only chose a separate rehabilitation plan after completing the research.

In addition, the way of treatment is to take no medication. In addition, even if the conservative method of eliminating the disease turns out to be ineffective, the program can help.

Therapists who provide this effect are called chiropractors. The doctor used many of the latest research and elimination techniques in his activities, and combined it with a series of hardware methods of treatment, massage, physical therapy and physical exercise.

How is the session going?

Manual therapy as a treatment for osteochondrosis

This process is similar in structure to massage. A significant difference is that the positioning area of ​​the treatment area and the application of this method have obvious influence.

When using various technologies, the body dysfunction can be eliminated, even if expensive drugs are used, it cannot be eliminated for many years.

However, in order to obtain effective results, treatment should be performed by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field.

Type and technology of implementation

The treatment method is combined by a common group, which is called neuromuscular effect technology. The application is performed on the soft tissues of the muscular system.

Generally, neuromuscular techniques are divided into:

  • Direct and indirect;
  • Passive and active;
  • Soft and hard collision.

The concept of manual therapy types include:

  • Treatment of vertebrae and joints;
  • Skull bone disease.

The type of such processing varies according to the method and area of ​​exposure. Experts use varieties designed to help and eliminate:

  1. Chronic bronchitis;
  2. Asthma;
  3. Colitis;
  4. Pathology of the urinary tract;
  5. Gastrointestinal system.


Manual therapy is one of the ancient methods of treating osteochondrosis. For a long time, experts have developed many effective methods.

It should be noted that their use depends on the attached conditions that affect the results.

The correct use of these methods can have a beneficial effect on the muscular system, spinal cord tissue and joints of the affected area of ​​the human body.

Spine mobilization

Use relaxation techniques and stretching exercises to influence the neck. The result of this procedure is no cramps and complete relaxation of the muscle system. Mobilization is the most relaxing and enjoyable stage of the treatment process. Its application can improve blood circulation, thereby normalizing the metabolic process in the tissue.

Relaxation after isometric

In the field of manual therapy, this technology is considered a relatively new technology. It involves creating tension in the muscle system in a short period of time and then stretching it. At the end of the exposure, the pain was reduced.

Segmented relaxing massage

The chiropractor acts on the neck to bend and heat it. Such an operation provides an opportunity to reduce muscle tension and free the patient from system discomfort.


This process involves a series of rapid and rapid movements in the affected joint area. When used, characteristic cracks often appear. With this sound, the vertebrae are usually in place. During the operation, according to this method, the expert can reduce the range of motion in the joints and increase the speed of motion.


  1. Pain syndrome is relieved;
  2. Eliminates muscle cramps;
  3. Improve joint movement.

Treatment time

The duration and frequency of treatment depends on the patient’s specific condition and the level of pathological progression.

  • The initial stage of cervical transformation requires 3-4 courses.
  • When dealing with more advanced diseases, procedures 17-18 need to be performed.

The efficiency of SHOH

Effectiveness of manual therapy for osteochondrosis

In the formation of cervical osteochondrosis, manual treatment is effective. However, experienced experts do not recommend using it in the stage of spinal transformation and bone growth. This is due to the fact that during the operation, the vertebral artery located near the bone arch is easily damaged.

It should be noted that at the end of the treatment process, physical therapy should be performed to help prevent cervical osteochondrosis.

Risks and consequences

In order to avoid the unpleasant consequences of using this alternative therapy, you need to obtain the approval of a specialist before starting your first surgery. Otherwise, many other problems are likely to be encountered instead of the expected positive results.

Possible complications

If this process is not performed correctly, complications of the following forms may occur:

  • circulatory system diseases;
  • Fracture of vertebrae;
  • Ligament rupture;
  • Ischemic stroke.

It is necessary to pay close attention to the expert's choice, because the overall result depends on the correctness of his manual treatment and diagnostic research.

Course fees

The total duration of one operation is about 30-40 minutes. Usually, the course consists of 8 to 10 sessions, and the cost may vary significantly depending on the specific conditions of a particular medical institution and the qualifications of experts.


Prevention of osteochondrosis is a complex treatment that can help people get rid of many manifestations of this pathology.

Prevent the development of osteochondrosis

In order for prevention to achieve positive results, it is important to fully implement its preventive measures.

In order to prevent cervical osteochondrosis, medical experts recommend that you introduce the following habits in your own lifestyle:

  • Don't overeat, pay attention to your weight. Excessive weight increases the burden on the entire body system.
  • Don't sit in one position for a long time.
  • Visit the swimming pool.
  • Do not put the bag on the same side.

The treatment of cervical osteochondrosis is usually accompanied by the use of water ches, collars and orthopedic pillows.

Expert opinion

Medical experts believe that this technology is an effective way to eliminate cervical osteochondrosis. The key is the qualification level of the selected experts.

Manual therapy is a safe technique to eliminate cervical osteochondrosis. As long as the operation is performed by experienced experts and preventive measures are taken at the end of a series of courses, there is little chance of any complications.